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As of April 2012, Altered Ego Entertainment is shifting its entire creative production trajectory.  Going forward, AEE will focus only on Art related projects, project such as our current TV show Book Case TV.  We ask you not to submit screenplays or queries about potential film or TV projects outside our scope.  They will remain unanswered.

If however you do have a TV idea or a project that you feel fits our mission, we encourage you to pitch it to us. Current fields of interest encompass: music, theater, sculpture, painting, dance, photography, film, architecture, fashion and of course first and foremost books.

If you are in the book business, as a writer, published or self-published, a publisher, a PR company and are interested in appearing, or have your client appear, on Book Case TV, follow submission guideline in Contact



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Dinosaur Park. Adapted from the 2002 play, The Proposal, Dinosaur Park trails the sad outcome of a romance gone wrong over the course of a single night.  Justin, a blocked writer, has resolved to propose to Kate, his long-term girlfriend.  In order to surprise her, he plans a romantic weekend in the country.  Problems springs to life when the night before proposing, his long-gone inspiration returns. Justin is not so sure anymore about his plan...

Michael  Callen Williams played Justin; Laura Rae Benson, Marlene. Frederic Colier directed and also played the part of Karl.  Max Shuppert held firmly the camera helm. 2010 The Film premiered March 2nd at the Queens World Film Fest.




The Hindenburg Omen. It is the story of a professional tennis player who comes to learn that he is a child of rape and who falls prey to an unscrupulous advertising executive.  Cast includes Callen Williams as Farley McMan, the tennis player, and Jason Odell Williams as Jason Haydn, the advertising executive. Max Shuppert helms the camera department. Written and directed by Frederic Colier.  The film screened in Nov 08 at the Queens Int. Film Fest as a work in progress.







Ruminations on You & Me.  Written by Victoria Clark, Directed by Frederic Colier. DP Max Shuppert, Special Effect Michael Swartz. a five minute experimental piece on the subject of "How come women get so mean when they argue with each other?" Film is a mixture of stills, footage and cutting edge editing.  (Short)


Bounce Wilma has been feeling lonely since the death of her dog. Her club is her only tie to the world. Jason, her son, neglects her, too absorbed in his pursuit of happiness. Alone in her large Upper West Side apartment, she watches the world go by from her window, until the day a ball rolls into her living room.

Shot December 2005. With Jane Deeken, Mike Williams, Alyssa Klein, and Victoria Adami. Written, Produced and Directed by Frederic Colier. DP: Vladimir Subotic. A rough mixed version of the film screened in March as part of the Tribeca Underground Film Festival screening series.




Desert Weeds a short psychological drama written and directed by Frederic Colier, with Patricia Geri Russell, Mike Williams, and Sayra Player. Shot in Wesport, CT.  The film is represented for distribution by New York based  Maya Entertainment.


 After losing her son in Iraq, Louise, still grieving, is forced to give up her company.  Craig and Susan have gone broke, spending their savings in unsuccessful attempts to have a child. Craig, in desperation, comes up with a scheme to raise money.  His first client, Louise. (Click on picture for press release.)  February 2004


Credits include: Chris L. Peterson, Mumtaz Hussain, and Arnold Schrader, as Associate Producers. Nathalie Archer from Organik Films as Line Producer. Eric Giovon headed the Camera Department. Tanya Preminger, the Art Department. Barbara Hedges-Hoffman was the Casting Director. Lysette Drumgold, Make-up. Susan Scherer, Costume Designer. Duda Amorosino, Production Manager. Kenneth L.Jackson, Sound Mixer. Frederic Colier, Editor. Keith Ricker, Post-audio Sound.


This film was made possible in part with a grant from the Digital Film Academy, NY.




  • Clermont-Ferrand Short Film Festival, CFSFF, France, Jan 2005

  • Tribeca Underground Film Festival, TUFF, NY, May 2005

  • Izmir International Film Festival, IIFF, Turkey, Nov 2005





Once Again, a music video for Kenyan artist Shu Nyatta, written and directed by Frederic Colier and shot in Brooklyn with Eric Giovon at the camera. The video will be released on Sept 21 to coincide with the release of Shu's Brand New Album.  Shu is out to prove that popular R&B can be classic. An accomplished musician and solo artist, Shu has been writing and performing his fresh, funky, soulful tunes for years, from Nairobi to New York, and is finally releasing a full album of original songs. Once Again is the first single of the album. (Click on link to watch the video.) August 2004




Of Wanderlust (16’ 36’’) a film written and directed by Frederic Colier, with Armand Anthony, Noelle Holly, Karibi Fubara, and Mike Williams.


Shot in Westport, CT, the film tells the tale of Griz and Regan Ibson, who since the death of their child have become estranged.  Griz is growing suspicious of Regan’s way of grieving—venturing outside the matrimonial bond.  Riddled with his own guilt, Griz is propelled to act, only to be ensnared in a scheme far worse than he could have imagined. (Click on picture for press release.)  September 2003. The film is represented for distribution by New York based  Maya Entertainment.

                                    FILM FESTIVALS

  • Winner Best Short Film at Digital Film Academy D.F.A.   New York, Nov 2003

  • New York Short Film Festival, NYSFF, NY, Feb 2004

  • Winner Best Short Drama, Bronze Award WorldFest Houston Film Festival, TX, WHFF, April 2004

  • Arlene's Grocery Picture Show, AGPS, NY, April 2004

  • Freight Film Salon, NY, FFS, April 2004

  • Tribeca Underground Film Festival, TBFF, NY, May 2004

  • San Francisco Short Film Festival, CA, June 2004

  • Winner Best Short Film,  Fire Island Golden Wagon Film Festival, FIGWFF,  NY, July 2004

Inside You (22') a film by Mumtaz  Hussain, written by Smart Bali, with Lars Stevens & Owen Johnson II. Based on the poetry of Rumi.







Soul Shadows   by Naomi Perez,  a video for the Seattle based rock band Alice in Chain. The horror feature the martial art expert Antonio Tomahawk. October 2003

Love Addiction by Megan Paznik, tells the tale a romantic comedy about a multi-cultural couple who works together in a fashionable downtown restaurant and have strange way to demonstrate their love to each other. August 2003

Sinking Beauty by Micah Daily,  a short drama about the life of Rene Descartes finding troubles with a bunch of rogue sailors on board the vessel taking him to visit the Queen of Sweden. September 2003

Guacamole 86' by Duda Amorosino, a romantic comedy about a multi-cultural couple who works together in a fashionable downtown restaurant and have strange ways to demonstrate their love to each other. August 2003

 Indiscretion (101) is a short suspense film, directed by Alexis Lloyd and shot in New York, depicting the trauma of a young woman, Caron Bernstein, Kristin on the day she moves into her new downtown apartment. There, her enigmatic neighbor, Ronald Guttman, Henry, gives her a cold and daunting welcome.  But Kristin is resilient. She overcomes her fear and investigates her suspicious neighbor, only to learn that she is as blind to his world as he to hers. Jan-April 2002 


Mark Schuman and Frederic Colier produced the film. James Fideler was the Director of Photography. Seth Carmichael, from Carmichael Films, was the First AD. Tracy David Production Designer.  A distribution deal with Hypnotic is currently being negotiated.

"1st Session," written and directed by Alain Cloarec, is a feature comedy about the first day at work of a New York City psychotherapist.  It should be a breeze, "I mean, how hard can it be, I'm just going to sit here and listen to people complain," says Dr. Alan.  He's going to help people and make a lot of money at the same time, and if they complain of his fee, he'll just waive the portion that the insurance doesn't cover.  Unfortunately, inauspicious beginnings arise.  Nine first-time patients on his first day at work.  Perhaps he overbooked.  Too bad Dr. Alan didn't go to Law School after all.  Shot in 3 days with a 3-person crew using 3 digital cameras running simultaneously, 1st Session was completely improvised with no rehearsals and no second takes. The director, Alain Cloarec, gave absolute freedom to his actors. After the smoke cleared: 25 hours of footage, 3 editors & 6 months of post-production. The film premiered in Dec 2000.


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